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Dr. Singh has written over 400 papers in materials science and engineering journals (Science, Physical Review B,, Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Materials Research, Materials Science and Engineering B, etc.) and Conference Proceedings. Published over 32 original, principal author papers in Applied Physics Letters and 7 papers published in Physical Review B. He has over 4600 citations and has an h-index of 41. 

List of Significant Publications: 

1. R. K. Singh, D. R. Gilbert, J. Fitz-Gerald, S. Harkness and D-G Lee, "Engineered Interfaces for Adherent Diamond Coatings on Large Thermal-expansion Coefficient Mismatched Substrates," Science, 272, 396-398 (1996). Times Cited: 50

2. R. K. Singh and J. Narayan, "Pulsed-laser Evaporation Technique for Deposition of Thin Films: Physics and Theoretical Model," Physical Review B, 41, 8843-8859 (1990). Times Cited: 530

3. R. K. Singh, O. W. Holland and J. Narayan, "Theoretical Model for Deposition of Superconducting Thin Films Using Pulsed Laser Evaporation Technique," Journal of Applied Physics, 68, 233-247 (1990). Times Cited: 160

4. J. Narayan, N. Biunno, R. K. Singh, O. W. Holland and O. Auchiello, "Formation of Superconducting Thin Films by Laser Processing Method," Applied Physics Letters, 51, 1845-1847 (1987). Times Cited: 153

5. R. K. Singh, J. Narayan, A. K. Singh and J. Krishnaswamy, "In Situ Processing of Epitaxial Y-Ba-Cu-O High Tc Superconducting Thin Films on (100) SrTiO3 and (100) YS-ZrO2 Substrates at 500-650oC," Applied Physics Letters, 54, 2271-2273 (1989). Times Cited: 130

6. S. L. Jones, D. Kumar, R. K. Singh and P. H. Holloway, “Luminscence of Pulsed Laser Deposited Eu Doped Yttrium Oxide Thin Films,” Applied Physics Letters, 71, 404-407 (1997). Times Cited: 168

7. K-G Cho, D. Kumar, P. H. Holloway and R. K. Singh, “Luminescence Behavior of Pulsed Laser Deposited Eu: Y2O3 Thin Film Phosphors on Sapphire Substrates,” Applied Physics Letters, 73 (21), 3058-3060 (1998). Times Cited: 100

8. Y. Rabinovich, J. Adler, A. Ata, R. K. Singh and B. M. Moudgil, “Adhesion Between Nanoscale Surfaces: I. Role of Asperity Geometry,” Journal of Colloid and Interfacial Science, 232,10-16 (2000). Times Cited: 98

9. Y. Rabinovich, J. Adler, A. Ata, R. K. Singh and B. Moudgil, “Adhesion Between Nanoscale Surfaces: II. Measurement and Comparison with Theory,” Journal of Colloid and Interfacial Science, 232, 17-24 (2000). Times Cited: 87

10. R. K. Singh, S. M. Lee, K. S. Choi, G. B. Basim, W. S. Choi, Z. Chen, B. M. Moudgil, "Fundamentals of slurry design for CMP of metal and dielectric materials", MRS Bulletin, 27, 10, 752-760 (2002) Times Cited: 50

Books and Guest Editorships: (Edited 5 books & Guest Editor of 5 Journal Issues)

1. R. K. Singh, D. Norton, J Cheung and J. Narayan and L.D. Laude , Eds "Laser Processing of Materials: Fundamentals and Advanced Applications, MRS Proceedings Vol 397, Pittsburgh, PA, 1996

2. N. M. Ravindra and R.K. Singh,"Transient Thermal Processing of Materials", TMS, Warrendale April. 1996

3. K. Gonsalves, M. Baraton, J.. Chen, J. Akkara, R. K. Singh and H. Hofmann , "Surface Controlled Nanoscale and Microscale Materials for High Value Added Applications, MRS Proceedings Vol 501 , Pittsburgh, PA, March 1998

4 .R.K. Singh, D. Lowdnes, J. Narayan, D. Chrisey , T. Kawai, and E. Fogarassy, Editors, Advances in Laser Ablation of Materials?, MRS Proceedings for Spring 1998 .

5. R. K. Singh and D. Kumar, "Advances in Pulsed Laser Deposition of Thin Films", Kluwer publishers, (1998)

1. Guest Editor of September 1994, Vol 23 issue of Journal of Electronic Materials titled " Novel Issues in Photonic Materials"

2. Guest Editor of Jan,96, Vol 1 issue of Journal of Electronic Materials titled "Ion and Laser Beam Processing of Electronic Materials?

3. Guest Editor of Materials Science and Engr. B, on Laser Processing of Electronic Materials, Jan 1997

4. Guest Editor of November 1997 Issue of Journal of Electronic Materials on ?Low Energy Beam Processing of materials.?

5. Guest Editor of September 1998 Issue of Journal of Electronic Materials on ?Chemical-Mechanical Polishing of Semiconductors.

Selected Patents: [from >30 patents and >50 disclosures]

USPTO#  Title of Patent/Year
5473138 “Method for increasing the surface area of ceramics, metals and composites” (1995)
5492769 “Method for the production of scratch resistance articles and the scratch  resistance articles so produced” (1996)
5558789 “Method of applying a laser beam creating micro-scale surface structures prior to deposition of film for increased adhesion” (1996)
5485804 “Enhanced chemical vapor deposition of diamond and related materials” (1996)
5501877 “Patterned deposition of thin films” (1996)
5635089 “Ceramic, metal and composite materials having increased surface area” (1997)
5843811 “Method of fabricating a crystalline thin film on an amorphous substrate” (1998)
10/263,063 “Novel Slurry For Polishing Of Silica For Shallow Trench Isolation Structures” (2002)
10/082,010 Slurry and Method For Chemical Mechanical Polish of Metal Structures including Refractory Metal Based Barrier Layers (2002)
20030162399 Method, composition and apparatus for tunable selectivity during CMP (2002)
10/397,583 “Lithium-based rechargeable batteries” (2003)
6,821,309 “Chemical-Mechanical Polishing Slurry For Polishing of Copper or Silver Films” (2004)
6,866,793 “High selectivity and high planarity Dielectric polishing” (2005)
7,148,189 “Chemical-mechanical polishing slurry for polishing metal films” (2006)
6,984,404 “Methods for Preparing Coated Drug Particles and Pharmaceutical Formulations thereof” (2006)
12/422,771 “Chemical mechanical polishing of silicon carbide comprising surfaces” (2009)
61/168,858 “Chemical mechanical fabrication for forming non-planar or tilted surface features” (2009)
61/185,476 “High light extraction efficiency solid state light sources” (2009)
61/169,551 “Cyclic Self-Limiting CMP Removal and Associated processing Tool” (2009)
12723309 Defect Capping for Reduced Defect Density Epitaxial Articles” (2010)

Invited and Contributed Talks:
Dr. Singh has presented more than 110 invited talks at international conferences (MRS, SPIE, TMS, APS, ASME, etc.) and academic and research institutions (MIT, Columbia, Purdue, ORNL, Westinghouse, etc.). Dr. Singh and/or his research group have presented over 250 technical papers at international conferences

Copyrighted Software: (2 copyrighted software packages)
SLIM (Simulation of Laser Interaction with Materials, 36,000 coded lines, 1992) software. This first-of-its-kind software is being used by more than 50 R&D groups (IBM, LANL, ORNL, etc.) in the world. This software calculates the transient thermal induced laser effects like melting, crystallization and ablation of materials. Two new versions (one based on DOS C++ and the other on Windows platform) have been developed.

Femto-SLIM (32,000 coded lines, 1995, Tech: Partner: Univ. of Michigan.) New software to model ultrafast laser -solid interactions by taking into account the electron-phonon energy transfer. Due to nature of the short pulses, a two temperature (electron temperature and lattice temperature) simulation model has been developed to model the short pulse effects.This software is being jointly owned by the University of Florida and the University of Michigan and is done in active collaboration with the NSF Science and Technology Center for Ultrafast Optical Sciences (CUOS) at the University of Michigan.

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